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Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee was established at the end of 2006, based on SAMA Circular. The Committee’s role is to promote banking industry and raise awareness among different segments and age groups in Saudi society.


Be_Careful is a National campaign launched by Saudi Banks Media Awareness Committee with the participation of all Saudi Banks members.

In this campaign, we aim to raise awareness about financial fraud among society members with direct communication and through different channels.

 Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee
 Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee
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Fraud comes in different forms and it won’t stop without the cooperative community that lives with great awareness towards its various twisted methods. Disclosing any financial data opens the way for financial crimes and fraud and anything that causes damage to an individual and/or society.

Your silence always protects you; your data belongs to you. Keeping your secret numbers and personal information protects you from the misdeeds of fraud, no matter how tempting and convincing the promises are. You decided whether to be a victim or be aware and responsible for protecting your bank data.

 Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee
 Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee
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About Us

Who We Are?

Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee was established at the end of 2006 under Saudi Central Bank direction to enhance the banking industry culture among all members of Saudi society. Also, the main role of the Committee is to raise awareness about recent developments related to banking activities on the local and global level.

Our Role

Saudi Banks are committed to achieving the highest level of transparency and adherence to the regulations, rules and guidelines that are applicable to face money laundering activities in accordance with the instructions issued by the Saudi Central Bank.

Our Vision

Vibrant society that has great knowledge of the Banking Industry’s significant roles, products and activities.

Common Responsibility

Although all Saudi Banks adopt the utmost confidentiality of their customer information, everyone plays a vital role in preserving their information.

 Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee

The Change Starts Here

The awareness and progress of a society is governed by the behavior of the individuals and institutions, which is the basis for creating a conscious, well-educated, responsible generation that keeps pace with the developmental renaissance in the Kingdom. From this standpoint, the Saudi Banks Media and Awareness Committee has emerged as one of the tributaries supporting the ambitious 2030 Vision in creating a generation that is fully aware of the banking arena considering the rapidly growing economic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Don’t share the card’s password with others through digital channels, such as social media.

  • Don’t use one secret code for more than one bank card.

  • Update the bank’s data and personal information on a regular basis.

  • Don’t accept assistance requests from unknown persons while using the ATM or paying bills.

  • Install security software on your mobile phone or PC to make exploring the Internet safer.

  • Conducting a continuous review of the card’s monthly account statement to ensure that there are no suspicious transactions.

  • Inform the bank immediately of any suspicious transactions on the card to stop them and to take the necessary measures to protect other customers.

  • Change the password at least once every three months and upon returning from travel outside the Kingdom.
  • Ensure that the page title begins with the secure encryption protocol (https: //) instead of the common (http: //) protocol.

  • Ensure that the site you are shopping from is safe, as the padlock symbol must appear in the address bar of the browser, and you should pay attention to any other security warnings that may emanate from the browser.

  • Carefully read the alert messages sent on your mobile phone and make sure that they follow the operations that you have carried out.

  • Check all the specifications of the product that you want to buy, and do not buy counterfeit or adulterated goods.

  • If the site is Saudi Arabia, make sure that the site is authenticated with a well-known logo.

  • Be sure to buy from well-known and trusted sites and make sure to evaluate the product and its description so that your online purchase is safe.

  • Check the card statement regularly at least once a month, and it is preferable to activate the feature to receive notifications when making any payment using the card.

  • Ensuring the reliability and credibility of e-shopping sites and that they are information safe.

  • It is preferred not to use wireless networks (Wi-Fi) in public places to shop online.

  • Linking the card to a SADAD account to make purchases from participating local websites.
  • Not tolerating the preservation of personal information or bank data and disclosing them to others who are not authorized to obtain them.

  • Maintaining the secret numbers of bank cards and not disclosing them to others.

  • Use secret random numbers, non-sequential or duplicate.

  • Don’t provide banking assistance to strangers and unknowns.

  • Change the secret numbers of the banking cards periodically, especially upon return from travel abroad.

  • Ensuring the reliability and credibility of e-shopping sites and that they are information safe.

  • Protecting computers with protection programs against viruses and malicious programs.

  • Ignore anonymous text and email messages; delete them immediately from mobile and e-mail.

  • Ignore offers of paying debts and financing loans by illegal and unauthorized financing parties.

  • Avoid accepting requests for assistance from unknowns and strangers when using the ATM.

  • Avoid responding to unknown people to pay bills and service fees from your bank accounts.

  • Inform the bank immediately if you lose your bank or credit card.

  • When using an ATM, make sure of the safety of the place and inform the bank as soon as you discover something suspicious.

  • Update your bank data and personal information through official channels only.

  • Ignore the text and electronic messages that claim you won in-kind and cash prizes; delete them from your mobile phone and e-mail immediately.

Contact your bank(s) and credit card issuers immediately to ensure that you do the following:

  • Protect your accounts from unauthorized use.

  • Stop the payment instructions applied to lost checks.

  • Change the personal identification codes and passwords for online banking.

  • Make sure to show the bank or the issuing company all the cards and/or accounts that are likely to be affected by this, including your ATM card and credit cards.

  • Reviewing all recent financial transactions made on your accounts linked to those cards. In addition, make sure that no one has requested a change of address, ownership title, or personal identification code, or applied for new cards or checks to be sent to another address when necessary.

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